What happens when the event is over?

First and foremost, the event will move into your PAST Events in the Ping app. From there, you'll be able to access the post-event Dashboard and a host of great features. Here's a brief overview of what's in the dashboard.

  • Candidates tab - contains the info you need on all of your matches (resume video, match score, chat history, and more). Use it to decide who you want to follow-up with.
  • Next Steps tab - organizes your final list of possible applications, use it to track your hiring process for this fair
  • Summary tab - shows your aggregated event participation

To share your candidates and overall event performance, use the Share button on the Next Steps or Summary tab.

Also note, at the end of a Ping event, all live chat will be turned off. You'll still be able to send colleges or companies your resume or contact info with our prewritten messages, but they will not be able to respond through Ping.

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